InvestorCarrot Review: Affordable Lead Generation Websites That Actually Work

The real estate investing business is very lucrative. There are so many variables associated with the industry that things can get very frustrating and time consuming. Because of this, any tool that you can take advantage of to help you save time, be more organized, and increase your chances of making money is a valuable one.

There are many different types of real estate investor software on the market and choosing one that meets your needs is very important. InvestorCarrot is a great real estate software program currently on the market.

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What is InvestorCarrot?

InvestorCarrot is a lead generation website builder that provides ready-made websites specifically designed for real estate investors. These are comprehensive website solutions that include everything one needs to capture leads, follow up, and close deals.

The service also provides a host of tools to help you promote your website, build a contact database, pull in leads consistently, and has a great follow up system.

Investorcarot websites generate motivated seller and cash buyer leads

What’s Included in the Package?

When you join InvestorCarrot, you will get multiple websites designed to promote your real estate investing business. The number of websites you get access to will depend on what package you choose.

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For your monthly fee you receive:

  • Multiple real estate investor websites powered by InvestorCarrot
  • A robust CRM system to allow you to build a contact database
  • An internal email platform
  • Access to a plethora of training on how to use Investor Carrot
  • Marketing strategies that have been tested and proven successful
  • Done for you content such as articles, blog posts, and other tools you can use to help pull in Investor Carrot leads
  • Multiple landing pages per website (will allow you to pull in leads from multiple markets and for multiple investing strategies)
  • High quality InvestorCarrot support (the team at Investor Carrot is there to support each member with answers to any questions they may have)

Who is Investor Carrot Right For?

One of the great things about InvestorCarrot is that the websites and services will work for investors no matter what your investing strategy is.

You could be interested in wholesaling houses, fixing and flipping, buying and holding for monthly income, or you might be a realtor looking for clients who want to buy a new home or sell their existing one.

InvestorCarrot will allow you to focus on any or all the above to reach your real estate investing goals!

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Note: I have an affiliate relationship with Carrot. If you make purchases through links on this InvestorCarrot reviews article. Carrot may give me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

With access to multiple websites, you can tailor each individually to target leads for that particular niche of your business. This represents a huge value as you are not limited to pulling in leads for just one area of the REI industry.


At first glance, there is a lot to love about the Investor Carrot Platform. The fact that no matter which package you choose, you get access to multiple websites is a huge plus. Even with a minimum investment you can work several different real estate investing strategies.

Investor carrot free resources for real estate investors and agents

You are provided with completely created websites that include a ton of features. This is a huge plus. Building just one website from scratch that contains everything an InvestorCarrot website does would likely cost you hundreds, possibly even over $1,000 dollars and could take weeks or even months to finish.

Add to that the support and content you have access to once you become a member. You can really begin to see how valuable of an investment InvestorCarrot really can be.

In all reality, if you pulled in and closed just one lead per year, it is likely that you would not only pay for the service in full, you would also have profit left to put in your pocket.

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There are a few negatives to InvestorCarrot. Which are likely not an issue for everyone, but I thought it worth mentioning:

  • Learning curve – While you may be ready to pay your fee, download your sites and start making money, it’s not quite that simple. You will have to tailor your sites with your information, and you may even need to make changes to some of the pre-loaded content to fit your market, your brand, and your investing techniques. There are a lot of tools and systems available to you. Once you learn how to use them, all that power will be welcoming, but until then, the process can seem daunting.
  • The content – As an InvestorCarrot member you are provided content for each site. This includes articles and posts that are a bit basic and general. Premium content is available in the premium package. Even then, you are likely better off writing the content yourself or hiring someone to create better quality articles and blog posts to use for your promotional needs.
  • InvestorCarrot pricing – $69/mo Core plan, $99/mo Content Pro plan, and $199/mo Advanced Marketer plan; should be considered affordable by most. Some may not like the fact that Investor Carrot is a monthly subscription.
Investorcarrot pricing


Investor Carrot represents a quality solution for anyone who is in the real estate investing world. Access to an array of tools designed to help you save time and money; including sophisticated inbound lead generation tools. That alone justifies the price of signing up.

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To make your decision to sign up easier, InvestorCarrot offers a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.

Keep in mind 30 days is not a long time. Once you join, get to work quickly. Launch a few websites and begin collecting leads. Use the software and explore everything Investor Carrot has to offer. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

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