REIPro Software Review – Is it Worth the Price?

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In the world of real estate investing, there is no shortage of programs, tools, and software that bill themselves as the best way to generate leads and grow your investment business. Sifting through all the different options can be tiresome and daunting. The last thing you want to do as a property investor is to invest time, money, and energy on a lead generation product that doesn’t generate leads.

REIPro is one of the most popular lead generation tools on the market. It offers a full suite of services from lead generation to a direct mail engine, workflow systems, and marketing tools. It has been featured on ABC News, USA Today, Bigger Pockets, and many more.

Of course, with all this notoriety, comes a cost. The standard plan for REIPro starts at $109/month, with bigger team plans costing $297/month. The question becomes, is REIPro software worth the price? We’ll lay it all out for you in our in-depth REIPro software review.

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What is REI Pro?

Let’s start with what REIPro is not. It’s not a basic lead generation system that promises big results and then underdelivers. This is truly a full-service tool that can work for anyone from new investors just starting out, all the way to seasoned pros looking to expand their capabilities.

As mentioned above, REIPro is broken down into four distinct product offerings…

Lead Generation

REIPro boasts a database of 150 million leads. Bulk leads are all well and good but don’t mean much if you don’t know what to do with them. That’s where REIPro really sets itself apart. Their app allows you to fine-tune your target leads into granular detail:

  • Situational Leads – Search and refine by categories like Vacant Properties, Absentee Owners, Pre-foreclosure/Auction, and Bank Owned.
  • Value Leads – Target properties with High & Low Equity (Greater/Less than 30%), Free & Clear properties, Upside Down homes, and Trust Owned.
  • Property Filters – Filter by property type, price, lot size, year built, bed/bath count, owner type, potential equity, and more.

Another great aspect of REIPro’s lead generation tool is that it is constantly updated, so you aren’t being given bad or outdated data. Their system is updated every weekday morning by pulling county tax assessor information and courthouse records. You can even cross-reference original loan amounts and current market values to easily analyze potential profits.

Direct Mail Engine

Once you’ve identified your target leads, you can reach out to them directly through the REIPro interface. Their Direct Mail Engine allows you to mail out postcards instantly and you can even build out multi-touch or drip campaigns to regularly correspond with potential sellers.

Direct mail engine post cards marketing to motivated sellers

One of the best features of the Direct Mail Engine is the LISTMaid service. This feature runs frequent change of address sweeps to ensure you aren’t sending to dead-end leads or to the wrong person. REIPro also tracks every single postcard mailed, so you don’t have to worry about keeping spreadsheets or address books.

Marketing Tools

In addition to the Direct Mail Engine, REIPro offers additional marketing tools that will help your business stand out. The library of postcards, letter templates, flyers, emails, special reports, budget sheets, and checklists ensures you have plenty of options to utilize as your business grows.

Reipro bulk skip tracing service

Note: I have an affiliate relationship with REIPro. If you make purchases using links in this post. I might receive a small commission. REIPro pricing will not be affected. Thank you for your support.

Maybe the most enticing feature of the marketing toolbox is the bulk skip tracing portal. You’ll have the ability to run skip tracing on individual or multiple leads all at once, with no max limits. Each REIPro skip tracing credit will provide up to 3 landline numbers, 3 mobile numbers, and all email addresses that are located.

Workflow System

The final feature of REIPro software is the Executable Step Workflow System. Within the app, each lead has its own detailed workflow that tracks 10 steps from finding a lead to closing them. Additionally, the Workflow System allows you to research vital property information, contact owners, quickly estimate repair costs, run comparable sales, and analyze every deal.

Reipro 10 executable step workflow system

One of the newest features of the Workflow System is the ability to make up to 3 offers on every deal right inside REIPro. You’re able to give sellers more options, from paying cash or structuring a creative financing offer to maximize your profit potential.

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Who owns REIPro?

REIPro is owned by two influential figures in real estate investing. Chris Goff is a long-time investor and one of the most sought-after real estate educators in the country. Bo Manry is an expert in online marketing and a talented software engineer. They have worked together to build REIPro as a tool that can be successfully utilized by investors of every experience level and background.

Who owns reipro chris goff and bo manry

How much does REIPro cost?

REIPro has different pricing levels depending on what your needs are as an investor. It’s important to note that every level starts with a 14 day free trial and can be canceled at any time. You can also save a bit of money by opting for the yearly payment plan instead of the monthly option.

  • Standard Plan (3 Users)
    • Billed Monthly: $109/month
    • Billed Yearly: $89/month
  • Team Plan (12 Users)
    • Billed Monthly: $297/month
    • Billed Yearly: $247/month

Reipro real estate software pricing chart


So, is REIPro worth the price? Absolutely. If you’re a serious investor, or serious about becoming an investor, REIPro takes the guesswork out of growing and maintaining your business. It does far more than simply hand you a bunch of leads with the hope that you can figure it out on your own. It is a full-service tool that works hard to offer quality leads with backend services and features that will help you close deals. The cost is nominal when you consider all that REIPro has to offer. With new features constantly being added, you will have everything you need right at your fingertips.

REIPro Software Review FAQ’s

What is REIPro used for?

REIPro real estate investing software helps you locate motivated sellers and buyers, run comparable sales, make offers, and more. Using this program can save time and money by streamlining your business processes.

Its workflow system is tailored to match the steps investors must go through until they close a deal, making it effortless even for novice real estate investors to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently.

The REI software also includes an integrated marketing tool, allowing you to target your list with email systems and postcard generators. This helps get you in front of prospects faster and close more deals quickly.

You can also utilize its skip tracing tool to quickly locate property owners. It searches through national MLS databases in order to provide accurate results at only $0.12 per search.

It also offers several inspection forms to examine a property’s condition and value after repairs. With these tools, you can assess if an investment opportunity is worth your time and energy.

REIPro’s All-Access Comparables Pass provides access to data from MLS sales dates and prices, enabling you to sort your information and generate a comparison report.

REIPro also features a superior phone search feature that enables users to locate the owner of a property by providing their email address or landline number. This tool comes in handy when you have multiple leads from one lead.

Furthermore, REIPro provides a free trial period for prospective users and offers two pricing plans: standard plan and team plan.

Is REIPro a CRM?

Real estate investing can be a time-consuming and laborious task. To be successful, investors must generate leads, build relationships with motivated sellers and close deals – an endeavor made simpler through REIPro’s simple-to-use platform.

It is an all-inclusive CRM and marketing platform with a specialization in real estate. It provides users with a straightforward system for finding leads, creating marketing campaigns, and converting them into deals.

REIPro boasts an expansive database of properties and owners, such as bank-owned assets, vacant lots, pre-foreclosures, absentee landlords, and distressed homes. Plus, it provides inspection forms to help you assess a property’s potential.

With REIPro’s search filter, you can filter your results based on price, lot size, year built, property type, owner type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms – and more! Additionally, REIPro’s calculates potential equity for each property so you can determine if investing is worthwhile.

Real estate software also enables users to run comps on properties and retrieve rental comps in order to make more informed investment decisions. Its cash flow analysis, market analytics, and county assessor maps offer valuable data regarding a property’s current value as well as how it compares with previous sales.

Its deal analyzer and rehab estimator features allow you to calculate the repair costs of a property and derive its resulting value. With this data, you can then leverage negotiation for the highest possible price.

REIPro offers a 14-day free trial and two paid plans: the Standard Plan ($109/month for three users), and the Team Plan ($297/month for twelve users).

Is REIPro real estate software suitable for beginner investors?

To be successful in the real estate industry, you need to be able to track leads, generate them and close deals quickly. Doing all these tasks manually can prove challenging without specialized software designed with investors in mind.

REIPro provides real estate investors with a host of features for desktop and mobile use, such as property owner information, comps, properties, geo-location services, drive history recording, skip tracing services, marketing tools and team collaboration tools. To keep up with all the demands in today’s fast paced world, REIPro has you covered!

REIPro stands out among other real estate software programs due to its expansive database of over 120 million properties. This vast repository enables you to search for a variety of property types and owners, such as foreclosure listings, absentee owners, and distressed assets.

This database is updated daily, featuring county tax assessors and courthouse records. This guarantees you are getting up-to-date, accurate information.

It also features a lead generation module to filter your search based on price, lot size, potential equity, property type, number of bedrooms and baths, owner type and other factors. Furthermore, it helps calculate the property’s potential equity and estimated value so you can decide if it’s worth purchasing or not.

Who owns REIPro?

REIPro was created by Chris Goff, an experienced investor and real estate investing teacher, along with Bo Manry – an online marketing expert and software engineer. Together they set out to create a system that would simplify investing in real estate for everyone regardless of experience level or background.

The software offers a 10-step workflow system for investors to follow. It guides them through every step of the investment process, from analyzing a property to carrying out closing and post-closing procedures.

Investors can utilize its search feature to access owner contact information and comps on 150 million properties for motivated sellers.

REIPro also provides an user-friendly mobile app, enabling users to save properties anytime. They can work on-the-go using either Android or Apple devices and take advantage of all desktop features like geolocation, drive history, session recording, skip tracing, team collaboration and marketing from one convenient place.

They can search property listings by location and keep a log of their driving history, making it simpler for investors to collaborate with teams across the nation.

REIPro offers a 14-day free trial and two paid plans ranging from $109 to $297 per month. Its Standard Plan is suitable for three users and can be upgraded to the Team plan.

The platform features Nationwide MLS Data, Real Estate Comparables, Highly Targeted Marketing Tools, Deal Analyzer, Rehab Estimator, Cash Buyer Leads, and lead tracking capabilities.

It also has customer support via live chat and social media channels with no hidden costs for features you may require. Pricing on this platform is transparent with no extra charges for features not used.

How to Contact REIPro’s Customer Service

For support from REIPro, you have two options: email or phone. Alternatively, you may use their live chat feature to receive answers directly from their experts.

How to Cancel My REIPro Monthly Subscription

You have the option to cancel your REIPro subscription at any time. The process is easy and can be completed through either your account preferences or settings page associated with that particular subscription.

What is the difference between REIPro and BatchLeads?

REIPro vs BatchLeads

Both platforms enable investors to locate off-market properties that other investors have yet to see, as well as making profits through data and analytics. But the primary distinctions between them lie in their features and pricing plans.

REIPro: What Is It? REIPro is an all-inclusive real estate investing software solution, featuring lead generation, direct mail system, workflow systems, marketing tools and CRM solutions. Additionally it provides MLS comparables, deal analyzers, and property searches to locate owner contact info.

Its search filter allows users to refine their searches based on price, lot size, number of bedrooms and baths, year built, date last sold, property size, owner type, and potential equity. Furthermore, the software includes a comping tool which helps calculate a property’s worth based on similar nearby properties.

The platform’s marketing library contains letter templates and sample letters for motivated sellers. Additionally, it has an email marketing feature and texting campaign management tool.

BatchLeads offers the advantage of providing less data than REIPro, due to its smaller and more accurate database. This means you won’t waste your time on inaccurate information or contact unreliable leads.

BatchLeads’ skip tracing service returns owner contact information, such as mobile and landline numbers, their reachability status and whether the number is on the national Do Not Call list.

BatchLeads’ email marketing feature enables users to send emails directly from the platform to leads. It also features a reporting tool which lets you monitor open rates and click-through rates. Plus, it supports text campaigns through third-party integrations with Twilio and Plivo.

Is REIPro Better then FreedomSoft?

REIPro vs FreedomSoft

If you’re searching for a software to assist in growing your real estate business, REIPro and FreedomSoft are two great options to consider. Both systems offer numerous features that can streamline the process of finding motivated sellers to close deals more quickly.

REIPro is a property search tool that enables you to locate homes for sale and other properties from various locations. The company updates its database daily, making it easier to identify potential deals that interest you.

Property valuation module of this app lets you estimate the current market value of any given piece of property. This helps you make informed decisions regarding which properties to pursue.

FreedomSoft provides a lead swiper, which allows you to automatically receive leads from websites like Zillow and Craiglist in your email inbox. This is an enormous advantage when it comes to attracting potential investors.

REIPro stands out with its deal analyzer feature, which helps you review contracts based on data-backed information. This makes it a vital resource for investors of any level – from newbies to experienced veterans – regardless of their experience level.

The FreedomSoft software is ideal for real estate wholesaling investors as it specializes in this strategy. However, it also works great for other types of property investors such as fix n’ flip and buy & hold investors. It’s user-friendly and the monthly price point makes it attractive to many users.

Is REIPro Better then Realeflow?

REIPro vs Realeflow

When investing in real estate, having the best tools at your disposal is paramount. A reliable software can help you locate motivated sellers, generate leads and close deals faster than ever before. With Realeflow you have all these advantages at your fingertips!

REIPro is an intuitive and comprehensive software designed to process property and owner data quickly and accurately. Additionally, it helps you run successful marketing campaigns on time with its integrated calendar feature.

This search filter helps you locate properties based on price, lot size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, year built, date last sold, owner type, and potential equity. Furthermore, you have access to mortgage and tax details going back ten years with this software.

REIPro’s features are primarily tailored towards helping you build and nurture your list of leads. It provides email transcripts, contract templates, and marketing library materials so that your campaigns can get off the ground quickly.

The platform also provides skip-tracing tools, which enable users to locate the contact information for an individual property owner. This feature searches NCOA’s secure database of permanent changes-of-address records maintained by the United States Postal Service.

Realeflow has earned a reputation for offering tools that save investors time and money. It provides an integrated property search database, direct mailing tools, and CRM functionality – making it the go-to choice among many real estate investors. Plus, with their free trial option available and two pricing plans with various levels of included features, Realeflow makes investing easy!

Is REIPro Better then PropStream?

REIPro vs PropStream

REIPro is more than just real estate data. With its marketing and investor tools, REIPro gives you everything you need to be successful in the industry.

Data and software can make all the difference for a successful real estate business, from success to financial ruin. To maximize success, it’s important to find and utilize the appropriate tools tailored towards your requirements.

PropStream is one of the most sought-after CRMs in real estate investing, and for good reason. Its features make it ideal for investors, wholesalers, and realtors alike.

With its comprehensive property search tool, you can quickly identify properties that meet your investment criteria. For instance, you can filter results by owner, loan history, past transaction details and more to pinpoint exactly what you’re searching for.

Additionally, it provides you with nationwide listings, giving you fast access to detailed data on all properties across America. With this feature, you can quickly identify the best neighborhoods to invest in and identify properties that meet your investment criteria.

Managing Your Leads Is a Breeze

Propstream makes it effortless for you to create targeted lists of motivated sellers and efficiently manage your database. Its ‘Automator’ feature helps clean up old leads so that you don’t waste time on inactive or unwanted ones.

Increase Your Marketing with a Customized Strategy

PropStream can assist you in crafting tailored mailing campaigns that connect to potential buyers and sellers. The platform offers multiple templates for postcards and mailers, plus the option to create budget sheets. Furthermore, email newsletter designs come in an array of options as well.

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