REIPro Software Review – Is it Worth the Price?

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In the world of real estate investing, there is no shortage of programs, tools, and software that bill themselves as the best way to generate leads and grow your investment business. Sifting through all the different options can be tiresome and daunting. The last thing you want to do as a property investor is to invest time, money, and energy on a lead generation product that doesn’t generate leads.

REIPro is one of the most popular lead generation tools on the market. It offers a full suite of services from lead generation to a direct mail engine, workflow systems, and marketing tools. It has been featured on ABC News, USA Today, Bigger Pockets, and many more.

Of course, with all this notoriety, comes a cost. Single user plans for REIPro start at $57/month, with bigger team plans costing $157/month. The question becomes, is REIPro software worth the price? We’ll lay it all out for you in our in-depth REIPro software review.

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What is REI Pro?

Let’s start with what REIPro is not. It’s not a basic lead generation system that promises big results and then underdelivers. This is truly a full-service tool that can work for anyone from new investors just starting out, all the way to seasoned pros looking to expand their capabilities.

As mentioned above, REIPro is broken down into four distinct product offerings…

Lead Generation

REIPro boasts a database of 150 million leads. Bulk leads are all well and good but don’t mean much if you don’t know what to do with them. That’s where REIPro really sets itself apart. Their app allows you to fine-tune your target leads into granular detail:

  • Situational Leads – Search and refine by categories like Vacant Properties, Absentee Owners, Pre-foreclosure/Auction, and Bank Owned.
  • Value Leads – Target properties with High & Low Equity (Greater/Less than 30%), Free & Clear properties, Upside Down homes, and Trust Owned.
  • Property Filters – Filter by property type, price, lot size, year built, bed/bath count, owner type, potential equity, and more.

Another great aspect of REIPro’s lead generation tool is that it is constantly updated, so you aren’t being given bad or outdated data. Their system is updated every weekday morning by pulling county tax assessor information and courthouse records. You can even cross-reference original loan amounts and current market values to easily analyze potential profits.

Direct Mail Engine

Once you’ve identified your target leads, you can reach out to them directly through the REIPro interface. Their Direct Mail Engine allows you to mail out postcards instantly and you can even build out multi-touch or drip campaigns to regularly correspond with potential sellers.

Direct mail engine post cards marketing to motivated sellers

One of the best features of the Direct Mail Engine is the LISTMaid service. This feature runs frequent change of address sweeps to ensure you aren’t sending to dead-end leads or to the wrong person. REIPro also tracks every single postcard mailed, so you don’t have to worry about keeping spreadsheets or address books.

Marketing Tools

In addition to the Direct Mail Engine, REIPro offers additional marketing tools that will help your business stand out. The library of postcards, letter templates, flyers, emails, special reports, budget sheets, and checklists ensures you have plenty of options to utilize as your business grows.

Reipro bulk skip tracing service

Note: I have an affiliate relationship with REIPro. If you make purchases using links in this post. I might receive a small commission. REIPro pricing will not be affected. Thank you for your support.

Maybe the most enticing feature of the marketing toolbox is the bulk skip tracing portal. You’ll have the ability to run skip tracing on individual or multiple leads all at once, with no max limits. Each REIPro skip tracing credit will provide up to 3 landline numbers, 3 mobile numbers, and all email addresses that are located.

Workflow System

The final feature of REIPro software is the Executable Step Workflow System. Within the app, each lead has its own detailed workflow that tracks 10 steps from finding a lead to closing them. Additionally, the Workflow System allows you to research vital property information, contact owners, quickly estimate repair costs, run comparable sales, and analyze every deal.

Reipro 10 executable step workflow system

One of the newest features of the Workflow System is the ability to make up to 3 offers on every deal right inside REIPro. You’re able to give sellers more options, from paying cash or structuring a creative financing offer to maximize your profit potential.

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Who owns REIPro?

REIPro is owned by two influential figures in real estate investing. Chris Goff is a long-time investor and one of the most sought-after real estate educators in the country. Bo Manry is an expert in online marketing and a talented software engineer. They have worked together to build REIPro as a tool that can be successfully utilized by investors of every experience level and background.

Who owns reipro chris goff and bo manry

How much does REIPro cost?

REIPro has different pricing levels depending on what your needs are as an investor. It’s important to note that every level starts with a 14 day free trial and can be canceled at any time. You can also save a bit of money by opting for the quarterly or yearly payment plan instead of the monthly option.

  • Standard Plan (Single User)
    • Billed Monthly: $97/month
    • Billed Quarterly: $87/month
    • Billed Yearly: $57/month
  • Standard PLUS (Up to 5 Users)
    • Billed Monthly: $129/month
    • Billed Quarterly: $119/month
    • Billed Yearly: $89/month
  • Team Plan (Up to 10 Users)
    • Billed Monthly: $197/month
    • Billed Quarterly: $187/month
    • Billed Yearly: $157/month

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So, is REIPro worth the price? Absolutely. If you’re a serious investor, or serious about becoming an investor, REIPro takes the guesswork out of growing and maintaining your business. It does far more than simply hand you a bunch of leads with the hope that you can figure it out on your own. It is a full-service tool that works hard to offer quality leads with backend services and features that will help you close deals. The cost is nominal when you consider all that REIPro has to offer. With new features constantly being added, you will have everything you need right at your fingertips.

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