Realeflow Review: Everything you Need to Start Investing … Almost

Realeflow reviews best house flipping software

Whether your strategy of choice is wholesaling, fix-and-flip, or buy-and-hold, there’s no denying it—real estate investing has a lot of moving parts. Some software solutions exist to streamline various facets … but wouldn’t it be nice if there was an “all-in-one” solution that made every aspect of real estate investing easy?

Realeflow claims to be just that—a “business-in-a-box” software solution intended to make real estate investing companies easier to start up or make existing companies easier to run. In business since 2006, their stated mission is to lower the barrier of entry to real estate investing by giving you every video-game “cheat code” to the business.

What does this look like? Let’s dig into to find out.

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How Much does Realeflow Cost?

Realeflow offers three pricing tiers, as follows:

  • Realeflow Lite. $75/month. This plan includes one user, one lead-generation website, and nationwide lead access. It includes the Financing and Leadpipes tools, as well as some of the Leadflow functions, but not the Analyze, Manage, or Communicate functions.
  • Realeflow Pro. $125/month. This plan includes all the Realeflow tools, with up to ten users and five lead-generation websites.
  • Realeflow Team. $175/month. This plan includes all the Realeflow tools, with unlimited users and an unlimited number of lead-generation websites. Click here and try FREE for 30 days!
Realeflow plans and pricing chart

Certain services within, like probate leads or direct mail campaigns, cost extra. Overall, though, this is very competitive pricing for a Cloud service that offers this many functions. I have seen similar services charge thousands of dollars a month, although they offer extras like personal VA support.

Send affordable direct mail campaigns within the realeflow software

What’s Included with Realeflow?

The stated goal of Realeflow is to provide software support at every stage in the life cycle of a deal. They break it down as follows:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Deal Analysis
  3. Offer and Negotiation
  4. Financing
  5. Rehab
  6. Sell or Rent

The tools Realeflow offers to simplify those steps include:


All Realeflow members have access to a nationwide database of leads culled from public records and other data sources. Displayed on a map, these leads include:

Generate real estate leads with leadpipes premium
  • Absentee Owners
  • Free and Clear Owners
  • High-Equity Owners
  • Low-Equity Owners
  • Upside-Down Owners
  • Probate Owners (extra cost per lead)

Realeflow also offers “Leadpipes Premium” for an extra charge within each plan. They describe this extra add-on as “Nationwide Lifetime Access” to a database of 148,000,000 properties and 17 more hyper-targeted lead types.

Generate real estate leads online with realeflow

There is no indication that these leads are exclusive to Realeflow users. While other, more expensive platforms might offer proprietary leads from in-house generation, these leads seem to be scraped from the same public records newbies are instructed to consult. But having them all in one place can save a lot of time, legwork, and steep learning curves.


Leadflow includes a suite of tools to help investors generate their own leads. This includes a website generator with eye-catching designs and done-for-you web copy, designed to do one thing—extract the contact info from motivated sellers who find the page. Of course, driving traffic to the page is up to you.

Real estate investor website builder to generate leads online

Leadflow also includes a “direct-mail” engine to send pre-written letters, yellow letters, and postcards without you having to order designs or lick a stamp. Direct mail prices through Leadflow range from $0.35-$0.79 per piece—a good deal, considering the mailing is done for you.

Pro and Team plans also include:

  • Access to a premium marketing library.
  • Opt-in widgets for collecting leads from outside websites.
  • “Moby,” an automated mobile marketing platform that offers voice and SMS broadcast functionality, among other functions.

These features are useful, but a website is pointless without traffic. Newbies might face a steep learning curve (or, alternately, steep vendor costs) to drive traffic to their site with digital ad or SEO campaigns.


The Analyze tool, available for Team and Pro users, includes four features:

  • Repair Estimator. Use it during or after the property walkthrough to note repair items quickly generate a rehab cost estimate.
  • Rehab Planner. This tool takes the items you enter into the estimator and generates a custom rehab plan that you can hand over to a contractor.
  • Deal Analyzer. Enter some basic deal info into this tool to make a quick estimate of its profitability at a given offer price.
  • Comping Tool. Locates relevant comparable sales to make a quick value analysis.
Analyze real estate deals fast with realeflow investment software tools

It’s nice to have all these tools grouped in one place, but we’ve seen tools like this before. Our opinion on them is the same—they’re a great place to start.

The deal analyzer, for example, might tell you if a property is worth further research and number-crunching. But you’re playing with fire if you commit to a deal based on these kinds of blunt tools.


The Manage tool, available to Team and Pro members, includes a suite of useful office management tools, including:

  • A CRM (customer relationship management) platform.
  • Smoothfax, a paperless FAX app.
  • A digital Scrum Board to track lead progress.
  • Document storage for easy access and recall of important docs.
  • Power Linking, a file-sharing function to collaborate with REALTORs, contractors, and other players.
  • A Calendar tool that you can sync with your Google calendar or other calendar app.
  • A Tasks list that works like a team-collaboration workflow app.
  • An activity feed with automated email notifications for team members.
  • Paperless Office functions, including doc autofill, expense trackers, and maintenance records.
Best real estate investment crm software

This is a lot of value … but it’s also a lot. People who depend on other apps to perform these functions might be loath to migrate and learn a new system. For beginners, it’s great to have these tools right out the gate … but there’s still that pesky learning curve. Newcomers are probably best served by learning just a few of these tools out the gate, and adding tools to their workflow as they get acclimated.


The Communicate tool, available to Team and Pro users, includes an in-app webmail platform, an email autoresponder, phone scripts for deal negotiation, and a “Power Matching” tool to match buyers with sellers within the Realeflow platform.

House flipping teams communicate using real estate investor software

The Power Matching tool might be particularly interesting to wholesalers, but fix-and-flip investors probably prefer to list their flips with a REALTOR to get top dollar. Plus, Power Matching can’t put your deal in front of investors outside of the Realeflow network.


The Financing tool, available to Team and Pro members, includes a “credibility kit” with pre-approval letters and a loan application, as well as connections to a list of private lenders provided by Realeflow.

We can’t judge how motivated the Realeflow network of lenders might be, but we doubt it has the lending juice of a hard-money lender, nor do members have the kind of personal relationships that make private-lender financing work.

Pros and Cons of Realeflow

Pros and cons of realeflow real estate investment software review


  • Lots of management tools in one place.
  • User-friendly lead-gen website builder.
  • Great suite of analysis tools, ideal for early deal screening.
  • Easy lead generation.
  • Useful phone scripts for negotiation.
  • Done-for-you direct mail.


  • Need to drive traffic to lead-gen websites.
  • Analysis tools are just a place to start—deals require further analysis.
  • Might be “tool overload” for new users.
  • Power Matching may be of limited use to fix-and-flip or buy-and-hold investors.
  • Financing tool is no substitute for actual relationships with lenders.
  • No property management functionality—need separate tools to collect rent, market rentals, etc.

Bottom Line

Realeflow is a powerful tool, especially for beginners who don’t know where to start. Lead generation is one of the biggest early hurdles a neophyte investor has to clear, and Realeflow makes it easy.

Sign up for the realeflow free trial and become a successful real estate investor

Of course, most of the tools just scratch the surface. You could spend a whole lifetime becoming an expert at the function each one of them is meant to perform. But an affordable price, Realeflow makes a great argument for itself as the best one-and-done software solution to build a profitable real estate investing company.

Realeflow Review FAQ’s

What is Realeflow?

Realeflow is a real estate investment platform designed to make investing easier. With its tools and features, users can buy, manage, and sell properties more efficiently.

DealAnalyzer also features a tool to calculate the value of a property and help investors make informed decisions when searching for an investment opportunity.

Realeflow CRM also offers LeadPipes, a search engine that matches motivated sellers with leads based on mortgage, deed and legal data. With over 140 million property locations nationwide in its database, Realeflow CRM boasts unparalleled potential.

This tool can identify cash buyer leads, absentee, private lenders, free and clear, high equity, low equity, and upside-down leads. Furthermore, it filters leads by county, street address and ZIP code so you only receive the highest quality leads.

One of Realeflow’s standout features is its Direct Mail Campaign Engine. It enables users to send pre-written direct mail campaigns without ever lifting a finger, while adding personalized touches like handwritten fonts for an even more personalized touch.

Direct mail campaigns can be an excellent way to generate more leads and expand your business, but it’s essential to note that the direct mail campaign feature may prove costly if you don’t filter your lists correctly.

Realeflow is an impressively effective tool that can assist you with starting and growing your business. It’s cost-effective, provides a range of features, and is user friendly – making it essential for all serious real estate investors.

How to Use Realeflow to Invest in Real Estate?

Realeflow is a comprehensive Real Estate Investment Platform that offers various tools and features for managing your investments. It also assists in making informed decisions regarding real property investments, providing financial metrics to assess potential returns on your investment. With Realeflow, you don’t need to worry about managing multiple platforms – all one place!

This comprehensive toolkit begins with lead generation and then offers additional capabilities such as deal analysis, cost estimations, finding lenders and more. Plus it features automated lead follow-up and marketing tools to ensure your success.

Property leads are one of the first things you can do with Realeflow, as it provides a list of active buyers and renters in your target area. These leads are filtered by city/state, zipcode, and more so that you can identify and reach the right prospects to market to.

The next step is to begin reaching out to the sellers of these properties. Realeflow makes this easy with a prewritten script and comprehensive “credibility kit” that guarantees success while eliminating any doubts or hesitations on your part.

Once you’ve spoken to the owners, use Realeflow’s property data to make an offer with confidence. This software includes details about the property such as its type, square footage, lot size, year built and number of beds/baths – plus much more!
Realeflow’s search for private lenders feature is a powerful asset.

This feature can help you secure the financing needed to purchase your next investment property. To get started, select “Private Lenders” from the dropdown menu inside Realeflow and send out a prewritten direct mail campaign to potential lenders.

Does Realeflow Provide Customer Service?

Realeflow customer support is available 24/7 to address any inquiries or worries you may have about their platform. They provide a wealth of educational materials that will give you insight into the industry and equip you with the skillset needed for successful investing.

Is Realeflow better then PropStream?

Realeflow vs PropStream

Realeflow is an all-inclusive property investment software platform. It enables investors to consolidate all their deal making and marketing activities into one system. With various tools designed for property investors, Realeflow can manage every aspect of their business from lead generation to estimating rehab/repair costs with ease.

Real estate investors can use this software to create owner prospecting and marketing lists that can be sent via email or postcard (direct mail). Furthermore, it offers a custom landing page builder which helps users generate more leads if they do not already have their own website.

PropStream is a property data and market research resource platform, offering insights on over 160 million properties throughout the US. With its comprehensive data analysis tools, investors can analyze and make informed decisions regarding real estate investments with confidence.

Data provided on the site includes market indicators, sales comps, predictive analytics and automated property valuations. Furthermore, mapping capabilities help investors visualize investment opportunities in their target markets.

This platform boasts more data, features, and investor tools than any other product or service on the market. It is perfect for commercial real estate investors, real estate professionals, and house flippers looking to streamline their businesses.

Is Realeflow better then REIPro?

Realeflow vs REIPro Comparison

Realeflow has been in the industry for some time and is one of the leading real estate software platforms available. It provides a professional real estate investor website, multiple marketing options and easy seller lead generation to its users.

The platform offers two pricing tiers: Leadflow Invest ($99/month) and Leadflow Invest + (199/mo) (three users, websites and nationwide lead access). Each plan comes with a 7-day risk-free trial period.

Features of Realeflow

Realeflow’s lead generation tool, Leadpipes, allows users to search for motivated sellers based on various criteria like their geographic location, zip code, and address. They can also use it to locate free-and-clear properties, private lenders, high- and low-equity investments, as well as probate leads.

State-of-the-Art Comparable Tools

Realeflow’s comparable tool is updated daily and uses MLS listings to locate similar properties. It provides pending and active listing data as well as sold prices – providing a great way to assess a property’s potential profit and get an indication of how much it could sell for. This makes it an invaluable asset when looking at potential investment returns on property investments.

Document Storage and Organization

This document storage tool enables you to store all of your important documents online for easy access. Plus, it features a search feature to help quickly locate specific documents.

Power-Linking Capabilities

The Realeflow platform offers powerful linking capabilities to make collaboration with your team a breeze. You can link users directly to your account and provide them with specific details about their roles on the platform. This makes for an incredibly efficient workflow!

Features of REIPro

REIPro is an all-inclusive real estate investing software that organizes all your properties, buyers and marketing campaigns. Plus, you have access to up to 10 years of MLS comparable sales data as well as tax history data from all 50 states – making it the premier resource for real estate investors across America.

It also features a workflow system that guides you through every step of your real estate investing business. This makes it simple to gather essential information and monitor leads.

Finding Leads

Whether you’re just starting out or have some experience under your belt, finding and generating leads can be a challenge. REIPro makes this task easier by offering various marketing templates and monitoring their efficiency.

Sending Emails

With REIPro, you can craft a tailored email that appeals to your target audience. Plus, its powerful mail system makes sending these messages a breeze – perfect for nurturing potential leads!

Print Marketing Tools

REIPro offers a range of tools to promote your business, such as postcard design templates, skip tracing software and an extensive marketing library. With these resources you can craft targeted direct mail campaigns that are sure to draw in potential investors.

Mobile Apps

REIPro also has a mobile application that gives users access to all its desktop features on-the-go. It includes property owner information, comps, geo-location data, drive history recording and skip tracing capabilities – just like its desktop counterpart!

Plans and Pricing

Pricing plans vary and are available on a 14-day free trial. After that, it offers two distinct plans: a standard plan for three users and a team plan for twelve users.

What is Rebo Gateway?

In short, it’s a data system designed to assist real estate brokers and agents acquire more listings and sell more properties. With millions of residential property records at their fingertips, Rebo Gateway is an unstoppable marketing machine.

The system features numerous innovative technologies for maximum return on your investment – including an advanced search engine that delivers relevant results in seconds instead of minutes. Powered by Benutech – one of the leading providers of real estate software in the industry – Rebo Gateway boasts impressive capabilities!

This system features several groundbreaking products, such as an advanced search engine and patented technology, plus an impressive selection of data collection items. It’s no wonder real estate professionals are taking advantage of this solution to increase their profitability and efficiency!

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