Wholesaling Houses Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Wholesaling real estate for beginners
Real estate wholesaler taking a picture of a vacant house that he is about to flip to a cash buyer investor.

Have you ever seen an infomercial about real estate and heard something along the lines of: “You can invest in real estate without using your own money, with little to no risk, and still make HUGE profits!”

Your first thought may have been “sure, sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” Well, in many cases, yes, it can be very difficult to make serious money in real estate with very little risk, but, there is definitely one strategy that pretty much fits this bill, is completely legitimate, and you can get started doing it with little to no money at all. It’s called wholesaling houses.

Wholesaling Houses Process

The process of wholesaling involves someone like you, finding a home that is not yet listed for sale and the homeowner is ready to sell it quickly for a deep discount. These types of sellers are better known as motivated sellers.

Motivated sellers are people that may be behind on their mortgage payments, need to move or relocate quickly, inherited a home, in foreclosure, tired landlord, the house needs repairs they can’t afford, etc. Once you find the property, you make a cash offer to buy it from the seller.

Find motivated sellers for wholesaling houses

If the seller accepts your cash offer, next you send them a simple contract to purchase the house at the agreed purchase price. Once the seller signs the agreement and you have the property under contract. You then find an interested cash buyer who wants to purchase the home at a higher price. This may be a fix and flip investor or a landlord who wants to fix and rent the home out.

Once your end buyer closes on the property, you collect your assignment fee. It really is that simple, but there is certainly some work involved.

Wholesaling Houses Step by Step

In order to really educate you on the process, below is a more detailed breakdown of the steps:

Gain financial freedom wholesaling houses step by step

Guide to wholesaling real estate

Total Time: 14 days

Build a powerful cash buyers lists

Build cash buyers list wholesaling step by step

Your buyers list is your MONEY list. This is a list of real estate investors who are looking for the exact types of properties that you have to offer them. They may want to tear them down and rebuild a new house, simply fix up the existing structure and sell, or do a light rehab and put it on the market for rent.

While the process of creating a buyers list can take a little time, it is time well spent.

You want to find qualified buyers who can pay cash for deals quickly. You can find cash buyers via:

• Craigslist
• Networking events
• Real estate auctions
• Other real estate wholesalers
• Attending real estate meetings or events
• Joining Facebook real estate investing groups
• Generate leads online with a cash buyer website
• Asking business professionals whom you already know

Start searching for wholesale opportunities

Search properties to wholesale

There are many techniques you can use to find motivated sellers. They may have inherited a house they don’t want, perhaps they are behind on their mortgage, or any number of other reasons they just need to get rid of the house quickly.

While you CAN market to these folks for little or no money, having at least a modest marketing budget will yield the best results.

You want to target people who are delinquent on property taxes, own a home but live out of state, or are nearing foreclosure because of missed mortgage payments.

Here are a few ways to contact these folks to secure your first (of many) wholesale deals:

• Place yard sale signs that say WE BUY HOUSES (you have likely seen them before, they work and are inexpensive)
• Send postcards and letters to homeowners you have discovered searching for the criteria above. Include your info and that you are interested in buying their home quickly for cash.
• Knocking on the doors of homes you think may qualify (be tactful as not everyone will appreciate your offer to purchase!)

Once you find a deal, lock it under contract

Getting a wholesale house under contract

Once you find a motivated seller, it is time to write up a contract offer. It is best to look online for legal templates that pertain to your state or even consult with an attorney to ensure the documents protect you and secures the home.

You will want to agree on an exact purchase price and a proposed settlement date for sale. This is NOT a closing, but simply locks up the house as your INTENT to purchase it in the future.

Contact your cash buyers list to find an interested investor

Contact your cash buyers list to find an end buyer for your wholesale deal

Once you have a property locked up with a contract, it’s time to hit your buyers list. You can make phone calls, send emails, post in a private Facebook group, whatever your heart desires.

The goal is to get the wholesale deal out there and find an interested cash buyer ASAP. If the margins are good, then it shouldn’t be hard. The better the deal, the more investors who will be vying for it.

Again, taking the time to build a valuable cash buyers list will have made this step MUCH easier. If you don’t get anyone interested immediately. Start reaching out to your buyers list individually to go over the specifics of the property. Provide pictures of the property and highlight the reasons the deal could be profitable for them.

Assign the contract & collect your wholesale fee

Assign purchase sales contract to cash buyer and collect wholesale fee

Once a buyer steps up and is interested in the deal, it is time for you to ASSIGN the contract. This is a legal process that involves you assigning the contract you have with the seller to the new buyer.

This new buyer will be the one who actually purchases the house at settlement. This is the time where you make YOUR assignment fee.

Because you found the house and originally locked it into a contract, you are entitled to the WHOLESALE fee. The amount can be dependent on just how much money is to be made by the end investor, but anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 is common.

You may collect this fee upon assigning the contract, or you may collect it at settlement. That is between you and the investor who purchases the wholesale deal from you.


  • Computer with internet access
  • Phone


  • Mode of transportation
  • Real estate wholesaling software
  • Motivated seller leads
  • Cash buyers list
  • Lock box
  • Video recorder
  • Camera

Materials: Wholesaling real estate contracts and business cards.


Certainly, there is some work involved in making money via real estate wholesaling, but in reality, it is as simple as the wholesaling real estate for beginners guide above.

Successful real estate investor and wholesaler

Find a house, make an offer, put it under contract, find a cash buyer, assign the contract and collect your fee! As you become more experienced with the process. You may even establish your own real estate investor website and consistent advertising that will result in sellers bringing their deals to YOU.

This is an amazing place to be and through some hard work and due diligence. You can make a significant income wholesaling houses following the step by step guide above.

Good luck in finding your first deal and securing your first wholesaling fee!

How to wholesale real estate

Wholesaling Houses Step by Step FAQ’s

Is Wholesaling Real Estate Legal?

Investors or those new to this field of real estate wholesaling may find the process confusing. It’s difficult to know how best to approach this business venture and whether it is legal.

We’ll cover some of the most essential details about wholesaling real estate and its legality in practice. Keep in mind that laws and regulations differ by state, so it’s best to consult a professional for an in-depth understanding of your area’s specific rules and regulations.

1. Assign Contracts
One popular method of wholesaling is to assign a contract to another party for a fee. This approach works well for those who don’t want to shell out large sums of money or who seek low-risk businesses.

2. Purchase Contracts From Others
Purchasing contracts from other wholesalers is an excellent way to expand your reach and provide more properties for potential investors. Nevertheless, be mindful how you advertise these contracts in order to stay within the law and prevent any illegal advertising.

3. Co-Wholesaling
Linking up with other wholesalers in a joint venture deal can be an excellent way to expand your market reach and create long-term relationships with cash buyers. This may lead to additional opportunities and enhanced efficiency within the business.

4. Double Closing
A double closing is a wholesaler’s strategy of purchasing property below market value and then reselling it at a higher price simultaneously. While this can be an effective investment, it requires considerable effort and time.

Do You Need a License to Wholesale Real Estate?

In most states, no real estate license is necessary in order to wholesale real estate. However, some have specific requirements. If you want to avoid any legal issues down the line, take time to find out if your state requires that you possess such an accreditation.

Is Wholesaling Houses Easy?

Many novice investors want to venture into real estate investing, yet they worry it might not be as straightforward as they think. They worry about finding distressed properties and the hassles associated with purchasing and selling homes.

Wholesaling houses is an accessible, low-risk way to enter real estate investing. But there are a few essential things you should be aware of before getting started.

One of the most important things to remember about wholesaling is that it requires a great deal of work. You must identify motivated sellers and accurately estimate how much work needs to be done in order to make the property marketable.

Furthermore, you need to negotiate an amount which is fair both to you as the wholesaler and any potential end buyers.

To achieve success when wholesaling a house, it is essential to have an effective exit strategy in place. This will enable you to quickly assign the purchase contract to an end buyer and monetize your rights to the property for a premium wholesaling fee.

Additionally, you must build a cash buyers list and contact them regularly to discover what deals they are interested in. This can be done through networking in the community or other forms of marketing.

Once you have a solid base of customers, you can focus on finding deals that suit them. This will simplify your business operations and boost the amount of money earned.

How to Wholesale Houses For Beginners?

Wholesaling houses is one of today’s best real estate investment strategies. It provides fast turnaround, low risk, and minimal capital outlay – plus, it’s simple to get started with.

How to Find Deals
Before anything else, conduct some market research to determine what homes are selling for in your area. Ideally, look for properties that have been marked down significantly from their market value. Doing this will enable you to identify profitable wholesale deals and maximize your profit potential.

Next, you must create a buyers list. This can be accomplished through various strategies such as networking, email marketing and social media.

Once you have a solid list of potential buyers, it’s time to begin searching for houses suitable for wholesaling. Distressed properties are ideal in this strategy as sellers often reduce their asking prices in an effort to sell quickly.

Negotiating a Deal
Once you identify a home suitable for wholesaling, the next step is to negotiate an agreement with the seller. Usually, this involves buying the house at a substantial discount from its market value and then selling it at a premium to your buyer.

How to Assign Contracts
Once you’re ready, you can assign the contract to a subsequent cash buyer. At that point, they will have legal authority to purchase your property at an agreed-upon price. In turn, you’ll earn an assignment fee on each sale.

What Are the Steps to Wholesaling Houses?

Real estate wholesaling is an innovative business model that allows investors to profit from property without needing any upfront capital. This makes it ideal for those with little or no money to invest in real estate.

Before becoming a wholesaler, you must first create an entity to manage your wholesaling operations. This could include creating an LLC for legal protection of investments.

Next, you must identify properties in distress and offer them for sale to cash buyers at a reduced price. You may use direct mail, radio and TV spots, Facebook ads to locate motivated homeowners eager to sell their house quickly.

Once you’ve identified a motivated seller, draft up a contract with them. You can do this yourself or hire a real estate attorney to do it on your behalf.

The contract will contain a list of terms that the homeowner must accept. These may include an earnest money deposit, appraisals or home inspections, as well as other requirements.

Once the buyer accepts the terms of the contract, closing will take place. This is a separate transaction from the original deal and requires a title company and real estate attorney to close on the property.

Success as a real estate wholesaler requires building an extensive network of contacts in your targeted area through social media and local meetups. Additionally, having a marketing plan in place to identify deals is paramount for growth in this business.

How Hard Is It To Wholesale Real Estate?

Wholesaling is an investing strategy that involves finding deeply discounted properties and reselling them to investors at a profit. It can be an excellent way for those just starting out in real estate without risking too much capital or taking on too many projects.

How to Locate Wholesale Deals:
If you’re interested in wholesaling, you’ll need to know how to locate and approach property owners who are open to deals. Although this can be challenging, the effort pays off; look for distressed properties located in desirable areas that are priced below market value.

Construct Your Buyers List:
A reliable wholesale buyers list is essential for success in wholesaling. It will enable you to connect with other investors who are searching for great deals at low prices. Building this list may seem intimidating at first, but there are several proven methods that work.

Start With a Mentor:
The ideal way to break into wholesaling is by finding an experienced mentor who can guide you through the process and assist with developing your investment strategy. They may also provide legal counsel and assist in creating real estate contracts.

Familiarize Yourself With the Law:
It is essential to become knowledgeable about the laws governing wholesaling in your state. Doing so can help you avoid potential pitfalls such as contract assignment and cancellation.

How to Wholesale Real Estate Step by Step With No Money Down?

If you’re in search of a fast way to make money without having to buy and sell real estate yourself, wholesaling may be your ideal option. Wholesalers identify people who wish to sell their homes and connect them with investors who purchase the properties at a small profit.

Wholesaling may seem intimidating to new investors, but it’s not impossible to learn. After all, this business model offers great potential so taking the time to understand the process will pay off in the end.

Step 1: Develop Your Cash Buyers List
The most reliable way to generate income from wholesaling is by cultivating a list of quality cash buyers. A successful real estate wholesaler will have an eager group of individuals eager to purchase multiple deals each month in their market area.

Step 2: Locate Sellers & Properties
The most efficient way to locate potential wholesale sellers and properties for investment is by connecting with local brokers or listing agents. These professionals can provide you with listings of vacant buildings or distressed homes that meet your investment criteria.

Step 3: Assign A Wholesale Contract
Once you’ve identified the ideal property, it’s time to assign a real estate wholesale contract. This involves placing the deal under contract so it can be sold to an investor at a profit.

Before making your offer, do due diligence on the property by verifying its fair market value and analyzing potential investments with factors like rental income, occupancy rates and cash-on-cash returns.

Additionally, calculate what’s known as a Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO), which is the highest price you can offer a property while still making a profit.

How to Wholesale Real Estate Online?

Establishing a real estate wholesale business is straightforward. But like any other endeavor, proper logistical preparation and execution are necessary for its success.

The initial step in wholesaling is creating a buyers list. This should include people you believe would be interested in investing in properties referred to you. You can do this by networking and attending REI meetings or other groups for investors near you.

Once you have your list of buyers, the next step is to craft a marketing campaign that will draw attention to the deals you want to make. This can be accomplished through direct mail, phone calls, text messages and retargeting on social media channels.

To generate quality seller leads, you must reach out to distressed property owners (i.e. foreclosure, REO, short sale, probate and absentee owners). They need their property sold quickly and are searching for alternatives to traditional channels such as real estate agents and mortgage lenders.

Investing in distressed properties is one of the most profitable opportunities for wholesaling. These properties typically come at a very low price, often below market value.

Finding the ideal seller is key for a successful wholesale deal. They should be motivated to sell their home quickly and open to accepting either a low purchase price or as-is offer.

The second step involves negotiation with the seller to determine acceptable terms and fees. Once an agreement has been reached, you can assign it to your cash buyer.

Where to Find Wholesale Properties?

Finding properties to wholesale can be a challenging task. Whether you’re an investor looking for diversification or just getting into the industry, knowing where to begin can make all the difference.

Here are some tips on finding great deals in your local market:

Driving for Dollars
This strategy has long been employed by experienced real estate wholesalers. It involves driving around a target neighborhood and noting distressed homes that could be sold at a reduced price.

These properties make ideal wholesaling targets, as the sellers typically lack motivation or capacity to sell at full market value. For instance, someone with poor credit who is going through divorce or recently relocated may be willing to sell their home quickly at less than market value.

Bandit Signs
Bandit signs are small billboards used by investors/wholesalers to advertise their real estate services and the properties they’re interested in purchasing. These signs typically hang on street corners or along highways.

Craigslist and Social Media Sites
Another excellent way to locate properties to wholesale is online real estate marketplaces. These websites provide off-market properties tailored toward cash buyers and investors.

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
The MLS is a free resource for real estate agents and brokers to list and sell homes to buyers. However, in order to access this MLS system you must hold a valid real estate license.

How to Create Contracts for Wholesaling Real Estate Step by Step?

Wholesaling real estate can be a lucrative business that involves quickly passing an undervalued property from seller to buyer. It’s ideal for first-time investors looking to build long-term capital, but it requires excellent organization skills, strong negotiation abilities and effective networking abilities.

Constructing Contracts for Wholesaling
Before you begin wholesale real estate, make sure all of your documents are prepared. Online, you can find free templates that provide a good foundation that you can customize according to your individual requirements.

A wholesale real estate purchase agreement is the fundamental document that sets forth the conditions of the deal between a wholesaler and property seller. It should include property details, names of both parties involved, expected purchase and closing dates, as well as an assignment clause.

When crafting these contracts, consulting an attorney is recommended. They will guarantee that all applicable real estate and wholesale laws are followed and can help create a legal document that safeguards your interests.

Step 2: Assign the Contract to a Cash Buyer/Investor
Once a house has been identified, it’s time for the wholesaler to find an investor or buyer with financial expertise who will make an offer on it. This involves finding someone with experience who has an active interest in the property and will pay an earnest money deposit in order to finalize the sale.

At the end of this step, a cash buyer will close the contract and pay you the agreed-upon price for purchasing your property. Ensuring this step is executed correctly is essential for securing your profit in the end.


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