What is Wholesaling Houses?

What is wholesaling houses for beginners article

Real estate wholesaling is one of the lesser understood and least leveraged methods of investing in real estate. But, many wealthy investors in the United States earn a great deal of profit using real estate wholesaling.

This article explains what is wholesaling houses and highlights the benefits of wholesaling houses as well as answers the question: Is wholesaling houses easy?

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What is Wholesaling a House?

Wholesaling houses is a real estate investing strategy that many new investors utilize. It is a very low risk and high reward strategy. One in which no experience or personal capital is needed.

What is wholesaling a house
A house I wholesaled in 2017 and earned a $16,450.00 assignment fee

What are the Benefits of Wholesaling Houses?

Some of the added benefits of wholesaling houses include the following:

You can get started quickly

A key benefit of wholesaling houses is the ability to make a good profit without risk. It is also easy to get started and does not require formal education or any type of real estate license.

You will be paid faster

There are no barriers to entry in real estate wholesaling. The process from start to finish is quick and simple.

High ROI

Unlike real estate agents and property managers, real estate wholesalers have the ability to control their own ROI. Wholesalers have the luxury of deciding whether they want a 1%, 10% or even 50% return.

Gain a large return on your investment wholesaling houses

How Does Wholesaling Houses Work?

Its simplicity is perhaps the most appealing factor to investors. The following are the 4 basic steps to wholesale real estate:

  1. Market for motivated sellersThe first step in wholesaling houses is to find properties that can be acquired at a deep discount. In order to find these types of properties you must generate motivated seller leads. The more seller leads you generate the better chance you have at securing a deal.
  2. Get a property under contract Present a motivated seller with a cash offer. Once a motivated seller accepts your cash offer, you need to get the seller to sign a Purchase and Sale agreement. When you are new to real estate wholesaling, it will be easier to start wholesaling houses with a simple one page purchase contract. Before getting a property under contact, make sure you read and fully understand the contract. Also be aware that real estate contracts and disclosures vary from state to state. Make sure the contract you use incorporates terms that are allowed in the state you are investing in.
  3. Assign the contract to a cash buyer Now you market your property to a cash buyers list. You should be able to find a buyer fast as long as the numbers make sense. There are other variations of wholesaling too. Some wholesalers may assign and “flip” their contracts; others may decide to double close. Alternatively, investors may “prehab” the property, meaning the wholesaler (you) may touch up or clean the property to increase the likelihood of a higher profit.
  4. Close the dealLast you need to send your purchase contract and assignment contract to an investor friendly title company. The title company will then get all the required documents prepared for closing. After the closing process takes place, the seller will receive their proceeds, you will receive your assignment fee, and the buyer will receive the keys to the property.


Wholesaling houses is a highly effective way to get started in real estate investing. Real estate wholesaling requires little to no cash or experience. It is by no means however, a “get rich quick” hack. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Learn and study wholesaling houses to become a successful real estate wholesaler

Take the time to study and understand the market you are investing in and the type of properties your end buyers are interested in buying. This will help you create a long-lasting and successful real estate wholesaling business.

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